Materials/Tools for Step 5
✦ Composite Sleeving
✦ RR-321 Epoxy
✦ Small Brushes
✦ Nitrile Gloves
✦ Vise
✦ Cable Ties
✦ Epoxy Finish Mixer
✦ Epoxy Pigment (if applicable)

✦Select Composite Sleeving and cut desired amount.
Note: General Rules of Thumb:
* Handles < 1” O.D. = 1.0” Sleeving * Handles > 1” O.D. = 1.5” Sleeving (and 1.25” for 100% Carbon only)
* Sleeving length should exceed handle length by 3”
✦”Dry fit” sleeving to ensure proper sizing.
✦Open up sleeving and place it over a cylindrical object (a bit larger than your grip
size). Straighten weave by pushing sleeving together. Set aside.
✦Mix Epoxy: 2 Parts RR-300 Resin to 1 Part RR-21 Hardener
‣Combined mixture should be about 1 g/ml per inch of handle length and diameter. Mixing a little more than you need is better than mixing less.
Example: A 12” handle with a 1” O.D. uses 12 g/ml of combined RR-321 Epoxy (8 g/ml of
RR-300 and 4 g/ml of RR-21)
‣If using Natural Fiberglass sleeving and you want to color it, add pigment to
epoxy mixture. For minimal coverage add an amount that fits on a flat spatula (1/4″x 1/4″x1/4″) per 5g/ml combined epoxy. For more opacity increase pigment amount (e.g. 1/2″x1/4″x1/4″) per 5g/ml combined epoxy.
✦Mix epoxy for at least 5 minutes to achieve a viscosity that adheres to the foam core and doesn’t drip off.
✦Put on Nitrile gloves.
✦While rotating grip use a small brush to fully wet the foam core with RR-321 Epoxy until it reaches a very consistent “glass-like” finish.
✦Secure mandrel on a vise (vertically); using the cylinder, that you used to open the sleeving, lower the sleeving over the wet foam core.
✦Pay close attention to fabric alignment. It should be smooth and tightly adhere to the foam core (no twists, puckers, wrinkles, etc.)
✦Loosely conform sleeving to foam core and gently pull ends (a.k.a. Chinese Finger Lock).
✦Start at the top of your Grip and secure first clamp/cable tie. Work your way down the Grip smoothing the sleeving with your fingertips and applying additional clamp/cable ties where needed (e.g. for butts, reel seats, finished ends, etc.). Note: If using Heat Shrink to finish to so now
✦Place grip on rod dryer (if using heat shrink, start at center with heat gun and shrink to conform)
✦Use remaining epoxy and apply enough to ensure full saturation and gently heat with heating gun (constantly moving) to release all air bubbles; approximately 1-2 minutes.
✦Use a small brush to remove final excess and bubbles.
✦Let dry for seven hours.

✦ Pot Life: 30 minutes*
✦ Set-Time: 3 hours*
✦ Ready to finish: 7 hours*
✦ Full Cure Time: 24 hours*

*Pot, Set, and Cure Times are for Riley Rods RR-6# Pour Foam and RR-321 Epoxy. If using different products refer to their specifications. Read and follow product label directions and warnings; read MSDS for detailed product safety information prior to use.