Materials/Tools for Step 5
✦ RR-321 Epoxy
✦ Small Brushes
✦ Nitrile Gloves
✦ Utility Knife
✦ Fine & Very Fine Sandpaper
(220-1200 grit)
✦ Scotch Brite (Very Fine and Ultra
Very Fine)
✦ Reamer
✦ Denatured Alcohol
✦ Small Towel or Cloth

✦Place mandrel with composite grip on lathe
✦Remove clamps and/or remove cable ties
✦Remove excess sleeving and clean up grip with parting tool
✦If any imperfections exist fix(e.g. scuff fish eyes, slice off bumps with razor, etc.)
✦Use Scotch Brite and/or lightly sand with 400+ grit sandpaper
✦Clean thoroughly with denatured alcohol to remove all residue.
✦Apply 1-2 coats of RR-321 Epoxy to reach desired finish. If using pigments or
micro flakes mix into the epoxy before applying finishing coats.
Note: The desired affect of pigments/micro flakes is subjective so there’s no
“right amount”. However, we recommend starting with a very small amount
and go from there.
✦Let cure for 3 hours between coats; 7 hours to finish
✦Use Dream Reamer or comparable tool to ream foam core to fit blank.
✦Wipe down handle with cloth.
✦Handle is done and ready to be bonded to blank (we suggest Rod Bond)!!

✦ Pot Life: 30 minutes*
✦ Tack Free: 3 hours*
✦ Set-Time: 7 hours*
✦ Full Cure Time: 24 hours*