Materials/Tools for Step 3
✦ Mandrel (sized to Blank)
✦ Lathe, Lathe Tools or Wood Chisels
(or coarse Sandpaper (80 grit)
✦ Fine & Very Fine Sandpaper
(220-1200 grit)
✦ Scotch Brite (Very Fine and Ultra
Very Fine)

✦This step is similar to working with cork, wood, and other handle materials, but easier!
✦Slide the foam core onto the mandrel and center it.
Note: You want a snug fit. If necessary wrap masking tape around the mandrel.
✦Secure mandrel onto lathe.
✦Turn the foam core until its concentric. You’ll know this has happened when the skin is completely removed and the sheen disappears.
✦Start shaping the foam core…the sky’s the limit!
Notes: Best results come from turning foam core with lathe tools or wood
chisels, however, it can be shaped with coarse sandpaper (80 grit).
O.D. Gain: In general the epoxy and composite sleeving add approximately
.02” (0.5mm) to the O.D. of your foam core. Keep this in mind as you shape
your foam core to fit into the reel seat, butt, etc.
✦Once you’ve got the shape you want, finish off with a series of 400 grit, 1200 grit, and Ultra Very Fine Scotch Brite. Remove all dust.