MB 765-1(X-Ray NEO) 7’6″

This blank is incredible!!!

THE X-RAY NEO BLANK. A MEDIUM HEAVY blank that rod builders are calling “THE ONE”

  • North Fork Composites Zentron Fiber/X-Ray Blank
  • It’s the most versatile blank created with 3 action points:
    • One activated during casting (to properly load the blank)
    • One activated during the lure retrieve (to properly work the lure)
    • One activated during the hookset (with shock absorption not to lose fish)
  • Virtually impossible to break during a high-stick, boat flip, hookset situation.
  • Please note – due to hybrid construction of zentron/carbon, NEO blanks will rarely be straight. Many will have a pronounced curve.

line: 12-25lb
lure: 5/8-2oz
pieces: 1
type: Carbon/Zentron
action: Mod-Fast
power: Med Heavy

This was an 18 minute fight with a 120lb+ Spinner Shark. The rod was fully loaded 3/4’s of the time.

Light lining, throwing big Swimbaits, pitching live baits… Extremely strong, super durable ,crazy versatile but still very light.

Neo in Action 1